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Carpe Diem Trading, Inc.​​

Direct Used Clothing and Shoes Supplier

Email :​
Tel : +1 818 925 4899
4340 E 49th St
Vernon, CA 90058
Children Items

Baby Blanket
Baby Rummage (0-12)
Baby Rummage (0-5)
Baby Rummage (6-12)
Baby Sleeper
Baby Winter Rummage
Boys Polo T-Shirts
Children Anorack Jacket
Children Jeans
Children Pants
Children Shirts Mix S/S & L/S
Children Shorts
Children Sweater
Children Sweatshirts
Children T-Shirts
Children Winter Jacket
Girls Blouses
Girls Dress
Girls Skirts
Girls T-Shirts
Mens  Items

Mens Army Clothing
Mens Cargo Pants
Mens Cargo Shorts
Mens Corduroy Jackets
Mens Corduroy Pants
Mens Dress Pants
Mens Flannel Shirts
Mens Hawaiian Shirts
Mens Jeans
Mens Jogging Pants
Mens Khaki pants
Mens Leather Jackets
Mens Long Sleeve Polo T-Shirts
Mens Long Sleeve Shirts
Mens Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Mens Mix Jackets
Mens Mix S/S & L/S Shirts
Mens Mix Shorts
Mens Polo T-Shirt 
Mens Round Neck T-Shirts
Mens Short Sleeve Shirts
Mens Sweat Pants
Mens Sweatshirts
Mens Swimming Shorts
Mens Tropical Pants
Womens Items

Ladies Blouses
Ladies Capri Pants
Ladies Cargo Pants
Ladies Corduroy Jackets
Ladies Corduroy Pants
Ladies Cotton Dresses
Ladies Cotton Pants
ladies Cotton Skirts
Ladies Jeans
Ladies Leather Jackets
Ladies Light Jackets
Ladies Light Sweater
Ladies Lingerie
Ladies Long Sleeve Shirts
Ladies Long Sleeve T-Shirts
Ladies Mini Skirts
Ladies Mix Shirts
Ladies Mix Shorts
Ladies Mix Shorts
Ladies Mix Skirts
Ladies Over Coat
Ladies Party Dress
Ladies Poly Blouses
Ladies Poly Pants
Ladies Printed T-Shirts
Ladies Ryon Pants
Ladies Sexy Shorts
Ladies Sexy Top
Ladies Short Sleeve Shirts
Ladies Sleepwear
Ladies Sweater
Ladies Sweatshirt 
Ladies Sweatshirt With Hoody
Ladies Tank Top
Ladies Underwear
Ladies Winter Jackets
Household and other items

Athletic Jackets

Athletic T-Shirts
Athletic Mix (T-Shirt - Pants - Shorts)
Athletic Pants
Athletic Shorts
 Baseball Caps
Bed Sheets
Big Size Clothing XXL-XXXL
Big Towels
Hard Toys
Household Rummage
Lace Curtain
Mix Hand Bags + School Bags
Mix Towels
School Bags + Back Pack
Shoes Grade A
Shoes Grade B

Small Towels
Soft Toys 
Table Runner